Together, we learn to live the Gospel day by day. 

We at Living Gospel Church believe a critical step in growing and maturing as a disciple of Jesus Christ is to come together with other believers in small group settings to fellowship, study His Word, spur each other on, pray with one another, encourage one another, and learn how to apply the teachings of Jesus to our daily actions.

Adult life groups currently offered:

  • Each Wednesday at 6:30 pm we dig further into the previous Sunday's sermon. We'll look at the message shared, study additional scripture to give us further understanding, and discuss what the message means to us today. Come and be our guest! Join in the conversation!  If you have questions please contact Pastor Karrie at

  • We also have other life groups that meet at other times for a period of time to dive into specific areas in our spiritual growth such as our marriages, being godly wives, being godly men, finding unity in relationships, or other areas.

    Contact us to see what new studies we have coming up!

We at Living Gospel Church invite you to come experience one of our life group studies and be encouraged and strengthened in your faith.

Jesus spent much of his time with his disciples-teaching them, praying with them, encouraging them, and serving them. They in turn did the same for him.

Our life groups will be posted on our events calendar.

Talk with Pastor Karrie if you would like to begin a new life group.

God never meant us to face the struggles of this life alone.

Why Join a Life Group:

#1 Close Proximity Provides Opportunity - When we put time & energy into creating relationships they become healthy, fun, & nurturing part of our lives.

#2 Vulnerabilities creates connection - When you open up your life, God connects to your heart.

#3 Discipleship Sets Direction - Together our goal becomes to collectively be more like Christ.

#4 Fun Amplifies Grace - When we learn to enjoy Gods gifts to us & enjoy one another, God is Glorified!

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