Children's Ministry
Children's Ministry During Sunday's Message

We offer a children's ministry for ages 4 and up during the message portion of worship service. Parents and grandparents with children can focus on receiving the message, while their children learn all about the love God and how they can begin building a personal relationship with Jesus in a fun and interactive way.
Bring your children and let us pour God's love into them while you are fed by His Word.

Join us on our journey of discovering Who we are IN Christ Jesus!

Join us as we discover what having our own Identity rooted in Christ means and looks like in our day to day lives. Then we will dive even deeper into what what gifts God has given each of us, along with what our friends and family members receive too. What the different gifts look and feel like and how to identify them, so we can recognize the love from God that he pours out all around us every day.

Nursery for our Littles
Nursery group during Sunday's Message

We have a wonderful group of volunteers to take the Under 3's - Littles - downstairs to play during the message portion of our Church services on Sunday.  They get to play and read books with someone carefully watching over them,  so you can be fed and refueled spiritually.